Do you need Estate Planning?

Estate planning is important for everyone with loved ones and assets

You don’t need to be wealthy or old. You don’t need to be married. You don’t need to have children, though it becomes even more critical if you do, especially if they are minors.
If you have a blended family, where spouses have children from previous marriages, it is critical to set up an Estate Plan
to prevent unintentionally disinheriting children when a spouse dies, and the surviving spouse remarries.

Many think they can wait to prepare their estate plan until they are old. But if they die prematurely, they can leave their loved ones unprotected and financially devastated.
So the best time to set up your estate plan is NOW.

Estate Planning Clients

Anyone with assets over $100,000.
Anyone who owns a home.
Single parents or two parent families who want to protect and provide for their children and themselves in case of death or incapacity.
Blended families who have children from prior marriages, and want to protect them in case of remarriage of the surviving spouse.
Unmarried couples, either same sex or heterosexual, who want to provide for each other.
Singles and couples, with or without children, who want to pass their assets on to family, friends, or charity rather than to the IRS, lawyers, and the probate court.
High net worth families who want to minimize estate taxes and income taxes.
Those who wish to support their favorite charities now, and in the future.

Small Business Clients

Future entrepreneurs about to start their own business and needing to select the best business formation to protect personal assets and limit taxes.
Established business owners who want to review if they would be better served by a different form of business ownership.
Forward thinking business owners who realize now is the time to plan for business succession for death or retirement.