How to protect your Assets

Asset protection is a way to minimize the risk of losing your assets to any future creditors, possible litigation, or the IRS.

Who needs it?

Those who are very wealthy
People who are financially well-off are more at risk for lawsuits

Those with high risk jobs
People who work in positions with high liability risks, such as doctors, need asset protection

Those with impending problems
People who know there may be financial difficulty ahead, such as divorce, bankruptcy, family illness

Those who own their own business
People who are starting a business or have an established business should set up their company to protect themselves from personal liability

Asset protection methods are legal if they are put into action before they are needed.
If you wait until a lawsuit is filed against you, or you have out of control business debts, you would be committing a fraudulent act.
But put into place in anticipation of any future potential problems, it is perfectly legal and smart.

The manner in which you leave your property to your children will determine how much asset protection they will have.

We can protect your children and other beneficiaries
From financial immaturity, or drug or alcohol abuse, which could otherwise result in a quick loss of an inheritance
From claims of your child’s future divorcing spouse taking half of your child’s inheritance, even if your child is quite young now
From your surviving spouse remarrying and passing your family assets to the new spouse rather than to your children
From predators who discover inheritance amounts and target the young or vulnerable
From the risk that upon the death of your adult child, their inheritance might pass to their spouse rather than to your grandchildren
From malpractice claims against your professional children such as doctors and lawyers
From other creditors claims such as car accident plaintiffs and business lawsuits